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6 of the most unusual craft beer flavors out there



Craft Beer

One of the most amazing things about craft beer is the possibilities of experimenting with different ideas and unusual flavors.

Below you can discover 6 of the strangest and creative craft beers we found!

One of the most amazing things about craft beer is the possibilities of experimenting with different ideas and unusual flavors.”

  • Mast Chocolate Beer: The Mast brothers are known throughout New York City for their highly refined artisanal chocolate, but they took their offering to the next level with their chocolate beer. This isn’t just a chocolate-flavored beer, but a brew crafted with actual fermented cacao beans!
  • Brewmeister’s Snake Venom is a craft beer with the highest alcoholic content ever recorded, clocking in at over 67%. The drink is also highly priced, ranging at about 80 dollars per bottle.
  • The Great Lakes Brewing Company teamed up with the University of Chicago in order to faithfully replicate beer from an ancient Sumerian recipes dating back to 5000 years ago. The taste of the beer is extremely sour, in some ways similar to vinegar. The company is now experimenting with sweeteners available in ancient times (such as dates and honey) in order to create a more palatable version by today’s standards.
  • Japanese brewing giant Sapporo brewed a limited edition beer known as “Sapporo Space Barley“, featuring actual barley that was grown on the international space station (ISS). The ingredients are literally “out of this world”, but so is the price tag, with 100$ per bottle!
  • Siren Limoncello IPA, 9.1%The “creative” brewers at Siren, british Craft Brewery located in the Berkshire county, have decided to get inspiration from the well-know Sorrento liquor in order to create this IPA added with delicious hints of lemons thanks to a special kind of hop that reminds the yellow fruit, his peel and the juice. An awesome mix that lead to a sour IPA, with an exaggerated alcohol degree (we still have to consider that comes from a liquor) and a unique flavour.
  • Brew By Numbers‘ Strawberry & Mango Witbier 5%The name itself says a lot. Strawberries and Mango for this Witbier brewed by a growing London Brewery that we had the opportunity to taste some of their beers in our recent experience at the London Craft Beer FestivalBrew By Numbers, to get this beer more balanced, has added green tea to reduce the “sweetness” of the two unsual ingredients. Genius and creativity could been tasted at every sip of this beer, that can only be translated with one word: CRAFT!
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