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Breweries that will give you an extra special experience!



Craft Beer

There are several breweries out there that offer its customers and fans to enjoy and taste the beer produced directly inside the brewery. Some of them are truly unique exprerices.

Here some our favorite locations around the world

© Baladin

Photograph by Eatpiemonte

“Best place to enjoy craft beer? Straight at the brewery

Coney Island Brewery


This wacky and weird brewery is, as the name suggests, located at the famous and iconic Coney Island in Brooklyn. Not only can you try their famous Mermaid Pilsner, but there is always something new on offer and if you time it right you can try some of their limited experimental freak beer, such as Cotton Candy kolsh and KettleCorn Cream Ale. After perusing this great brewery, take some time to explore the boardwalk and this incredible tourist attraction.  

Open Garden Baladin


Located at Piozzo (Cuneo) Italy ,the first Italian Beer park, 73.000 meters squares, including pubs, Brewery, crops, Picnic areas and farmers markets. Will be inaugurated a June 2017. A live place to meet, spend time with your family and friends in nature and where, for those who wish to, you can discover Artisanal Beer and it’s direct relationship with the Earth and agriculture. Teo Musso’s inspiring idea is in fact that of creating a community that maintains a language of integration between the agricultural world and artisanship.



Yes, we are sure you’ve heard that Brussels is a must to visit for any beer lover, but there’s no getting away from it, Belgium is a melting pot for breweries. If you are visiting the area you can’t miss Cantillon. This run down warehouse is one of the most famous and sought after breweries in the world. You can independently explore all the old rooms in this brewery and sit next to a warm crackling fire whilst trying rare and exclusive beers made on site.

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