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Bosnia: the beginning of a new craft beer culture



Craft Beer

Following many years of conflict and economic distraught, the country of Bosnia is quickly gaining momentum.

Places such as its capital city, Sarajevo, are quickly becoming a new sought-after touristic attraction. The economy as a whole is making really nice steps forward, paving the way for many entrepreneurs and small business owners with innovative ideas.

Nightlife in Sarajevo

“a nice brewery scene is coming to life in the capital, as well as in the other cities!

The craft beer industry is also blossoming, as a nice brewery scene is coming to life in the capital, as well as in other cities such as Banja Luka, Mostar or Doboj, just to mention a few. Bosnia is particularly known for its stronger booze, such as the prized fruit brandy (“rakija”) beverages, so the idea of a diverse range of beers come as somewhat of a novelty for the locals, who are still getting accustomed to the concept of craft brewing.

In spite of the struggle with outdated brewing legislation that levels small independent breweries to big companies, the local beer community is growing steadily, also thanks to the activity of people on Instagram, message boards or other websites dedicated to local food and lifestyle.

For now, local breweries are too small to supply the whole country, let alone distribute abroad, but a change is in the air!

What do we suggest ?

Brew pub Sarajevo 
Style? Belgian Double- Apa- Stout- Hefeweizen- Wit Bier- IPA)

Pivara Oldbridž
Where? City of Mostar south east, two hours by car from Sarajevo
Style? APA-Stout- Black Ipa- Brown ale – Barley Wine

Castrum Craft Brewery
Where? City of Doboj east of the country, two hours by car from Sarajevo
Style? IPA – Double Ipa – Pale ale – Porter – Stout – Gruit beer spiced with herbs

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