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4 of the most expensive beers in the world

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The craft beer scene around the world is full of really amazing beers and products, many of which are incredibly unique.
Whether a craft beer is unique for the “novelty” factor of for a combination of prized, hard-to-get ingredients, some of them tend to be quite pricey: discover the most expensive beers out there!
The best things in life are free, the second best are very expensive.
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“Whether a craft beer is unique for the novelty factor of for a combination of prized, hard-to-get ingredients, some of them tend to be quite pricey.
  • Sapporo, one of Japan’s most beloved beer brands, set out to create a limited batch of something truly unique: a beer made with “space barley”, that is, actual barley from space! Scientists planted barley in the ISS (International Space Station) and the beer you are going to taste features barley that was born and raised in a zero gravity setting. Price ranges from 100 to 120 dollars per bottle!

  • Crown Ambassador Reserve is one of Australian’s finest and priciest beers. The whole process is what makes everything so special: the beer is aged in vintage oak barrels for a year, before being packaged in a luxurious champagne bottle. Only about 8.000 bottles per batch are made, going at about 75 dollars per bottle.

Crown Ambassador Reserve

  • Sink The Bismarck: Brewdog is a truly creative manufacturer with many innovative brews, but their pricey “Sink The Bismarck” packs a special punch at the price of 80 dollars per bottle. This unique “quadruple IPA” has been distilled four times and it has four times as many hops as conventional IPA.

  • Samuel Adams’ Utopias: With a price tag of 150 dollars per bottle, this beer is quite an experience. The American-made brew is produced every two years. The beer is infused with a touch of high quality maple syrup and it is later placed in aging casks. The meticulous aging process takes up to 18 years. Worth the wait? You decide!


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