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Cooking with beer! October recipes




Most of us love a drink of the “golden beverage”, although a few truly gourmet connoisseurs also know that beer is incredible when paired with some awesome culinary recipes.

Food traditions in countries such as Italy and France are already very accustomed to the use of red and white wine in many recipes, so why not extending the same use to high quality beers? If you are a fan of craft beer, you certainly know that different beers have the same different nuances and details, much like the qualities of different types of wine.

Below, you’ll find some our favorite beer-fueled recipes!

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a few truly gourmet connoisseurs know that beer is incredible when paired with some awesome culinary recipes.”

  • Chocolate Stout Cupcakes

Beer as a dessert ingredient? You got it! In these delicious cupcakes, the rich and textural aroma of dark stout beer blends in perfectly with the bittersweet taste of the best chocolate, as well as with the fluffiness of the air dough itself. Check out the recipe right here!

Match your meal with a sweet stout, here our suggestions:

Moat Water | Cigar City Brewing 
Double Shot Sumatra Mandheling | Tree House Brewing Company 
Chocolate Cupcake Stout Coffee | Angry Chair Brewing

  • Irish Stew

Irish meat stew is an absolute classic. Typically prepared with classic local brands such as Guinness or Murphy’s, the Irish stout sports a rich and homey flavor with the classic blend of roasted potatoes, slow-cooked tenderized meat and delicious beer gravy. Find the recipe here!

Some great stout and porter to substitute the more classic Guinness or Murphy’s are: 

Galway Bay Two Hundred Fathoms | Galway Bay Brewery 
Black Boar | The White Hag Irish Brewing Company 
Brehon Shanco Dubh | Brehon Brewhouse

  • IPA chicken

This dish is perfect for an interesting summer spin to classic chicken recipes. IPA is a fruity, intense and layered type of beer with an incredible set of flavors. In this recipes, chicken meat is highly enhanced by the complexity of IPA and by other herbs and fruits used in the recipe, including rosemary, parsley and lemon.Find out how to make this appetizing mouthful! Check out the recipe here!

Taste this next to three famous Italian IPAs:

Zona Cesarini | Birra Toccalmatto
Menaresta 22 La Verguenza Summer IPA | Birrificio Menaresta
A Freewheelin’ IPA | Birrificio Foglie d’Erba

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