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Delicious desserts and beer pairings. How to get their best!


Craft Beer

This delectable list will give you a whole new experience of your favorite beers and desserts.


We love delicious sweets matched with a great beer, so anyway to put them together works for us!
Desserts & Beer. Choose the right match.
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“Beer matching your dessert? A necessary choice

Fruit pies 🍒  


Whatever your favorite fruit pie is – apple, rhubarb or something with a fresh twist like key lime pie- beer is surprisingly a great match. Any kind of clean and crispy Belgian beer is great with a fruity dessert! Mainstream brands such as Chimay or Delerium Tremens will work, but if you have a special Belgium beer you’d love to try, work out the best fruit dessert to match and go for it.


Chocolate desserts 🎂


Dark stouts are your best friend with chocolate desserts. Any kind of beer with a dark roast compliments anything from chocolate cake to a block of high quality dark chocolate. Beer with a caramel or fruity undertone can also accentuate chocolate flavors, some special ones to try are Doppelbock or a Belgian Dark Ale that will bring out the best in your chocolate choices.


Cheesecake 🍰


How can cheesecake be any more delicious? Pairing it with the right beer can do wonders for this classic dessert. The best things about it is if you have a neutral flavor such as vanilla or lemon, you can use your beer as a topping, so you can add a fruit beer for a fresh flavor or a dark stout for a roasted chocolate experience!

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