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Is beer good for prostate problems?




Most people who experience prostate problems usually tend to ease on their drinking habits, but new research has shown that there’s a possibility that beer might actually offer some benefits to people affected by prostate issues.

In particular, it has been reported that active compound xanthohumol, found in hops can contribute to the prevention of prostate cancer in men, blocking excessive testosterone. On the other hand, drinking beer in moderation could actually offer quite the advantage if you are concern with prostate cancer!

Hops that cures

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“The link between beer drinking and health benefits is really nothing new

The link between beer drinking and health benefits is really nothing new: in the past, it has also been reported that drinking beer can help increase bone density and fight against illnesses such as osteoporosis. This applies particularly to dark ale, which is rich in silicon. The xanthohumol compound is also linked with prevention of cognitive decline disorders such as dementia! The world of science is currently looking with a more in-depth stare into many possibilities, as we are starting to know more and more about beer and its active properties.

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