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Can beer really make you live longer?




Can drinking beer elongate your lifespan? According to Mildred Bowers, the answer is yes.

Normally I wouldn’t take the words of a random old lady for granted, but it just so happens that the South Carolina woman turned a whopping 103 years of age in August 2016, who maintains that “a beer a day goes a long way”.

“103 years of age in August 2016. A beer a day goes a long way

Mildred reportedly states that her beer drinking habit is the reason why she still feels fit and young even at an age very few people reach.

Every afternoon at four o’clock, Mildred drinks a beer in her nursing home –  a very important part of her day to day life. She is definitely not the first centenarian to chalk the secret to seemingly eternal – or at least quite long – life to regular and moderate alcohol consumption.

Maybe it’s about time to reconsider our beer habits!

She drinks a cold one every day at 4 pm

You can read the whole article here

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